new petra collins photoshoot: skinny white 15-20 yr olds look kind of sad

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*gets super stressed as my wife gives birth in the wrong spot* gotta film this


*gets super stressed as my wife gives birth in the wrong spot* gotta film this

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what do you think about people who say that theyre trans and then decide that theyre cis

gender can be fluid eg some days i feel like im a girl and i have 0 problems with my body and then i go back to Not being a girl or like what ur talking about it can change over time
OR maybe they’re just exploring their identity and they think that they’re trans for a while and then come to the conclusion that they’re not and thats fine!!!
im 100% for cis people exploring their gender because either they’ll realise that theyre trans and thats gr8, or they’ll realise that they’re cis and it will mean that they’ll be a LOT less transphobic than they would have! so!!

hi, i love you, how has your weekend been

hello, i love you too!! my weekend has been lovely, on friday night i tutored some kids and then went to shantelle’s which was beautiful and full of goon and good food and dog-walking and smoking and peeing
and since i came home saturday ive just blobbed around and avoided homework which is bad but still good



what the HELL kinda person genuinely believes that art is a bludge tho like do they realise how much work goes into it…… have they even seen a year 12 folio…….

um excuse me if ur not doing at least 7 sciences and 4 maths ur not even doing vce u fuckin dropkick

sorry im only doing two sciences and two maths, im a fucking failure, sorry dad

fuck i want to write the kind of poetry that hurts, the good kind of hurt, but everything i write is stupid and clunky, typewriter keys, stalling ignition, overused metaphors and stupid fucking oceans of sweat on starry skin, blah blah blah who the fuck gives a shit

your hair has such a lovely wave to it

thank you!!!!!  if i wasnt lazy i would draw a picture of my hair waving goodbye to someone, or maybe an ocean wave, and u would regret ever saying this and allowing me to make such a bad pun, but i am lazy so i didnt draw either of those things but thank u ur 2 nice <#33333