I think I just walked past you at flinders street station. Its weird b/c you are an actual person.

wtf yeah u did i was there like a few hours ago u shuolda said hi u NOOB!!!
how weird is it that i exist tho, like i feel the same way….. its weird that im an actual person huh


Megan Washington at Low 302 in Surry Hills

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send this to your crush


send this to your crush

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ok, so you know when you were at your primary school fete and there was that chair-o-plane thing that was just a carousel of chairs that would spin around, and some kid would always have 5 hot dogs and then go on and start vomiting and it would be a perfect circle of munt and they would just keep going and it was like oh my GOD are they ever going to stop??? and everyone just wanted to get off of the ride
anyway that kid fucking sucked and also thats a really apt metaphor for life tbh

ok thanks everyone, being a person was fun for a while but i want to stop now

is there something broken inside or am i just using that as an excuse to be an awful person #existencehurts

:) hello, i hate myself and i want 2 die :)

:) smiley faces r great they take the sting out of your words so easily :)

i am pretty mean, im like really mean and idk why im just so generally shit like im a bad person my morals are dirt-low and im really mean!!! i dont think people realise how mean i am!!! i get annoyed SO easily and once im there i get stuck im just stuck in this rut of being annoyed and wanting to stop but i just keep rolling my eyes and being annoyed
im so mean and i dont want to be but half the time i dont even realise im being mean!!!! and the other half the time i do realise deep down btu i keep being mean!!!